The way the steam condenses

The way the steam condenses

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    Sep 01, 2006 · Common places to look for both types of water hammer are steam mains, steam tracing lines and air heating coils. Causes of water hammer. Condensate buildup is common to both types of water hammer. It can be caused by boiler carry-over depositing large amounts of boiler water into the steam main, overwhelming the steam traps.Learn More

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    Cooling water reture Condenser Generator Steam turbine Steam turbine Main steam valve Attemperator Valve Boiler Superheater Reheater .2 For this reason, the 'once through steam generator' is designed and employed in all supercriticalplant.4 Current Status of the Steam Power Plant The subcritical plant is still expected to remainLearn More


    The cooling water is usually sprayed into the exhaust steam in a closed vessel to cause rapid condensation. In a power station the condensate is returned to the boiler and must be absolutely pure. If a jet condenser were used the cooling water, which is mixed with the condensate would have to be 13 f equally pure.Learn More

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    leaks, the condenser often does not get the attention it deserves. Many of the corrosion problems in fossil fuel boilers, LP steam turbines and feedwater heaters have been traced to leaking condensers. Tube leaks allow the ingress of cooling water into the steam-water cycle. The very nature of the condenser tends to increase a problem with coolingLearn More

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    Steam is not rejected into the condenser (the source of cold) at the condenser temperature and pressure, but suffers a fall due to incomplete expansion. 3. Due to inevitable leakages, an equal amount of water to the steam supplied to the cylinder is not returned to the boiler, which means additional feed water at a lower temperature than the Learn More